Thierry Chervel

    is a German journalist with Franco-German roots based in Berlin. After studying music theory, he worked as staff writer for the German daily taz and later as the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s arts correspondent in Paris. In 2002 he co-founded Perlentaucher (, followed by its English version – online surveys of the most exciting essays from European and international press – which are among the most respected media of this kind in Europe. He has also helped created a website dedicated to his late father, Marc Chervel. “‘Un ange passe’, is what the French say when silence suddenly falls in the midst of commotion. The angel’s name is Europe. Does Europe exist outside of milk quotas? Apparently it does only as an angel passing by, a pause in a conversation and a silent point in communication. Jürgen Habermas proposed the notion of a ‘core Europe’ but there has been no response. How many people outside Holland had known of Theo van Gogh before he was murdered? And in 2002, as the 60th anniversary of the liberation was marked in Paris, nobody mentioned what had happened in Warsaw on the same date. While in Paris some streets were named after communist resistance fighters who had shown indisputable heroism in 1941, Warsaw recalled the icy smile with which Stalin watched as Hitler razed the Polish resistance to the ground. End of liberation.”

  • (Slovensky) Stredoeurópske fórum

    (Slovensky) Aj Thierry Chervel bol hosťom prvého Stredoeurópskeho fóra v Bratislave.