Andrea Bajani

    is an Italian writer and journalist based in Turin. His publications include Cordiali saluti (Cordial Waves), Se consideri le colpe (If You Consider the Faults), and reportages Mi spezzo ma non m’impiego (I can break myself, but I don’t bend) and Domani niente scuola (No school tomorrow). He is a regular contributor to RAI Radio 2 and the dailies La Stampa, l´Unità, Il Sole-24 ore and the journal Lo straniero. „Young people are depicted by reports, psychological surveys, diagrams and pie charts as being pathologically off the rails and involved in voyeuristic brawls in school toilets, as addicts lost in the meanderings of the Internet or perpetual texters, thumbs glued to their mobiles, underperforming at school with bad grades and indifferent, bored faces. Education is in decline with thick smoke rising from the crumbling edifice, the whole building shaking in its foundations and everyone around us crying in unison: what a scandal! As if all this just suddenly happened by accident, or as if the children themselves had planted this infernal machine that is now ticking away beneath the institution of the school. All in all, this is a quite a cheerful way of looking at destruction, as an opportunity perhaps to take a souvenir picture and a good reason to say: things were different in our days.“