Anna Ermolaeva

    is a photo and video artist based in Vienna and Karlsruhe. She grew up in Leningrad but left the Soviet Union in 1989, after being persecuted for her involvement with the dissident movement (she worked on the journal Democratic Opposition). She holds a degree in the history of art from Vienna University, is a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Arts, and has been teaching at the Media Art department of Karlsruhe Arts and Design University since 2005. She focuses on exposing mechanisms of political power, her mostly documentary films reflecting everyday, seemingly stable aspects of reality and revealing their ambiguous, absurd and often scurrilous side. She has received numerous awards, including the City of Vienna Prize and the Austrian Outstanding Artist Award. She has held solo exhibitions in Vienna, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Passau, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Zurich and Karlsruhe.