Károly Füzessi

    is a Hungarian activist based in Budapest. He studies philosophy and librarianship. He took part in organizing the hungarian student protests in 2012 as a member of Hallgatói Hálózat (Student Network). He is currently a co-editor of Kettős Mérce http://magyarinfo.blog.hu (Double Standard), a hungarian political blog and co-organizes an umbrella organization called Humán Platform, which aim is to connect and coordinate activities of the NGOs and trade-unions working in the field of education, culture, health care and the social field. Recently he took part in organizing the protests against the planned Internet tax and corruption in Hungary. “His vision is to take back and reinterpret the word ‘politics’ and give back its original meaning: people taking part in the decision of their communities. He believes that on the one hand, political activism is based in language. That’s why one important purpose is to counterweigh the political machination that tries to erode the worlds like ‘liberalism’, ‘left-wing politics’ because we will be only able to talk with our community, if these words have real meaning. On the other hand, political acitivism is based on reach. That’s why we need to spread information, ask questions and bring knowledge inside and outside of our country. We have to make people able to spread that information, ask those question and bring that knowledge further and further, and fill the word ‘democracy’ with real meaning. The hungarian situation got worser and worser recently, and there seems to be no real alternative to the harmful and incompetent actions done by Orbán’s government. But this process started long ago, and most of the problems are common in the countires of Central Europe. So the mission is clear. The question is the path which leads there.”