Lucinda Creighton

    is an Irish politician based in Dublin. She has been involved in politics since her time as a law student at Trinity College Dublin, serving in Dublin City Council before being elected as member of the Irish Parliament in 2007. While holding the post of Minister of State for European Affairs from March 2011 to July 2013 she played a central role in the campaign for the Yes vote in the 2012 referendum on the Stability Treaty. “In all EU member states the political leaders and the public which elects them need to wake up. They need to realise that inward looking nationalism is, and must remain, a relic of the past. The blame game aimed at the EU needs to stop and egotistical leaders should be held to account by a thinking public. Demand that the potential of the European Union be realised. Demand that politicians pursue ambitious policies with European neighbours for the benefit of all of us. Ensure that the peace and security we take for granted is safeguarded. Ensure that responsible and workable economic policies are implemented for the benefit of us now and for future generations. If the European ideal is to withstand the immense pressures which currently bear down on it we will require a return to the sort of big ideas that generated such excitement in the past. We need to focus on what matters to people, what has the potential to change their lives and improve their future. The best ideas are often the most simple, and always the most logical.”.