Vasyl Cherepanyn

    is a Ukrainian journalist and lecturer, based in Kyiv. He is the director of the Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv, teaches at the Cultural Studies Department of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and is the editor of „Political Critique“ magazine (Ukrainian edition). Besides organising open debates and artistic events, he was involved in the work of the ‘Open University’ in Maidan Square. He was also one of the organisers of the Post-globalisation Initiative conference held in Kyiv in June 2013. In 2014 Vasyl Cherepanyn co-organized a major conference, Ukraine: Thinking Together. A few weeks ago international media reported that he was brutally beaten by unknown assailants outside Kyiv University. “As usual, the EU and the West have acted too late. We needed sanctions in December, but better late than never. And the Left too has been slow to act. We expected international protests to support Maidan and to put pressure on the EU and the US to act in a more decisive way, but there was nothing. There was no real international solidarity. But we can see that Maidan also threatened the EU. Maidan was for an alternative Europe and we found the way to fight for rights in a real, radical and democratic way. Maybe this is why the EU was so slow
    to act. The Left needs to be more active and more informed. It should not be repeating Putin’s propaganda that fascists occupied Maidan. The Left needs to pay more attention to the context and understand that Maidan was a genuine social protest, and that Ukraine had a genuine revolution. […] Let me say that there is a real Western blindness about the Ukrainian situation. The context is somehow beyond the Western imagination. Yes, the far Right was there, but it was a real revolution, and in a real revolution all the oppositional forces are present. Everyone was there – except, of course, the oligarchs and the small elite of THE super rich.”