Vincenzo Susca

    is an Italian sociologist. He teaches sociology at the Paul Valéry University in Montpellier where he lives, and is also a researcher at the Centre for Contemporary Studies at Sorbonne University. He is fascinated and profoundly horrified by the transformation the communication revolution has brought upon us. Every book he publishes is a huge event in France. The cover of “Fake”, a monothematic issue of the journal Les Cahiers européens de l’imaginaire of which he is the editor-in-Chief, reads: “There is no long a unified truth, another paradigm is emerging before our eyes: a paradigm of zombies and superheroes, theme parks, crumpled universes and scientific forgeries, conspiracies and transparency brutalities, subterfuges and simulacra, avatars and dreams…And the world is fake.“ His books include : Pornoculture – Voyage au bout de la chair (2017), Joie tragique. Les formes élémentaires de la vie (2011), Transpolitica (2008) and A l’ombre de Berlusconi (2006) “As desiring subjects, but above all as subjects of desire, we become subject to the desire of others, whether that other is an intriguing passer-by or insolent software. Quite curiously, similarly to the absorption of narcotics such as cocaine (Bagozzi & Cippitelli, 2008), immersion in pornscapes generally occurs between 9 am and 5 pm (Wired, 2014). Thus it occupies and distorts the time formerly devoted to work. It is erected as a receptacle where to deposit and coagulate the traditionally nocturnal substances of collective imagination. The invasion of the night in broad daylight is an alteration of the Apollonian harmony. Through dissonances, disgust and distortions, a shadow spreads, threatening the heart of the social system. A spectre lurks around the world: the sensual spectre of porn culture. These tumults cause disorder within political, cultural and productive systems. They are directly proportional to its growing materialization on the main stage of culture. Escaping from the interstices where it resided clandestinely for years, this ghost is headed out of the underground. It is less and less ethereal and more and more tangible. It is part of the capitalist model of development, of cultural industry and, more generally, of the modern world. Nevertheless, porn, in its always threatening irreducibility to the logic of economic production and social reproduction, has now become a crazy cell. A perverse effect. Cancer.”
    Photo: Massimo Maggipinto