Vladimir Arsenijević

    is a Serbian writer, translator, editor and columnist. He was born in Pula and lives in Belgrade. His debut novel U potpalublju (In the Hold) – the first part of the tetralogy Cloaca Maxima. A Serbian Lemonade – received the 1995 NIN award and has been translated into twenty languages. Vladimir Arsenijević played in the punk band Urbana Gerila and the post-punk band Berliner Strasse and lived for several years in London and in Mexico. His columns have appeared in the dailies Politika, Press and most recently, Jutarnji list. He founded the Rende publishing house where he worked as editor until 2007; since then he has been an editor of VBZ publishing house and is also involved with Relektor, an audiobook publishing venture. He is the editor of the anthology of post-Yugoslav fiction Jugolaboratorija.