Rendezvous in Bratislava 

And a Central European Forum event for your delight: Rendezvous in Bratislava – a granddad cabaret, dedicated to Slovak satirist Ján Ladislav Kalina, author of the legendary book One Thousand and One Jokes, presented by his granddaughter Miriam Sherwood and her English-Slovak-Czech company from London. Performed in English (with quite a bit of Slovak thrown in) at 7 pm on Sunday, 19 November at V-klub, Námestie SNP 12.

Foto: Claudia Marinaro

Miriam Sherwood. Photo: Claudia Marinaro



PERFORMED BY)(MIRIAM SHERWOOD, WILL GARDNER (piano, accordion); THOM ANDREWES (keyboards, vocals); MARTIN JERIGA (violin); MÁRIA REHÁKOVÁ  (flute, vocals) and LUCIE STEINER (clarinet)

PRODUCED BY)(Sophie Ignatieff

Lucie Steiner, Thom Andrewes, Mária Reháková a Martin Jeriga. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

Lucie Steiner, Thom Andrewes, Mária Reháková and Martin Jeriga. Photo: Claudia Marinaro

Miriam and her granddad are making a cabaret together. They’re the perfect double act: he’s got the stories, she loves telling them, and they both have a flair for the theatrical. The only problem is they’ve never met – and he’s been dead for 36 years.

Ján L. Kalina was a dramaturg, satirist, joke collector, film historian, cabaret author and author of the legendary book One Thousand and One Jokes. He was born in Slovakia in 1913 and died in Germany in 1981. A Slovak Jew, he survived the Nazis, only to be imprisoned by the communists, who charged him with incitement against the regime and drove him away from Bratislava.

Rendezvous in Bratislava is a 90-minute trans-generational musical cabaret, developed in London’s Battersea Art Centre as part of Scratch, a programme supporting emerging artists. Theatre-maker Miriam Sherwood explores the life and work of her grandfather, whom she has never met. You will witness their virtual encounter, which combines documentary theatre and oral history with cabaret.  The show features samples of period songs and original compositions, performed by its composers Thom Andrewes and Will Gardner along with Slovak and Czech musicians.

Tickets for Rendezvous in Bratislava at €5 will be available before individual Central European Forum discussions at Ateliér Babylon and Astorka Korzo ’90 Theatre, and at V-klub before the show.    

Miriam Sherwood. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

Miriam Sherwood. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

MIRIAM SHERWOOD)(is a theatre maker and producer born in London with Central European roots. After studying German at the University of Cambridge, she gained an MA in Text and Performance from RADA and Birkbeck College in London, where she is now based.  She has worked with arts organisations in London and Berlin and in 2015 she founded Travelling Tent, a company that mixes participation, performance and oral history. It has staged two major productions: The Real Reasons We Drink (2015) and Rendezvous in Bratislava (2017), which has been created with composers Thom Andrewes and Will Gardner and developed at Battersea Arts Centre, where she currently works as a producer and fundraiser. Inspired by practitioners of documentary and non-actor based theatre such as Gob Squad in Germany and Mammalian Diving Reflex in Canada, Miriam enjoys making work which plays in the overlap between performance and real life. In Rendezvous in Bratislava she combines documentary theatre and oral history with cabaret in order to get to know her grandfather, celebrated Slovak satirist and cabaret writer Ján Ladislav Kalina – whom she never met.

Thom Andrewes a Will Gardner. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

Thom Andrewes a Will Gardner. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

WILL GARDNER)(is a composer, arranger and pianist based in London. Will began his musical life as a chorister at Ely Cathedral, going on to study Music at the University of Cambridge and he received an L.R.S.M in Piano Performance.  As a composer Will combines organic vocally driven samples with intricate arrangements to create an often melancholic ‘pop’ soundworld. Aside from Rendezvous, Will’s music has been used in art projects by Vera Lehndorff and German director Christopher Roth, and he is currently working on an album with upcoming producer/composer Benedict de Vries. Collaboration is an important part of Will’s work, and he has worked with composers and artists across a broad range of musical genres, including composer Jonathan Bepler on Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament, arranging for Mercury Prize winners alt-J, orchestrating for composer Adrian Corker on a new Sky Atlantic TV series called Tin Star, and assisting composer and orchestrator Terry Davies on Matthew Bourne’s ballet The Red Shoes.

Thom Andrewes. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

Thom Andrewes. Foto: Claudia Marinaro

THOM ANDREWES)(is a British composer, currently based in Leipzig, Germany. He has a BA in Music from the University of Cambridge and an MA in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths College, University of London. As part of his Masters course, he composed and co-directed an opera about Boris Johnson, entitled White Haired Boy (2014): one of several theatrical works that have subsequently been presented at Nonclassical in London.  Other recent compositional projects include MLR, part of a collaborative project with the charity Freedom from Torture, and Karolaoke, an innovative cross-genre take on the sing-along carol concert, presented by indie-pop orchestra The Coveryard. Alongside the music for Rendezvous in Bratislava, Thom is currently working on a song cycle about Brexit. He also writes about music at The Biting Point and The Night Mail, and his book We Break Strings: The Alternative Classical Scene in London (a collaboration with photographer Dimitri Djuric) was published by Hackney Classical Press in 2014.