• (Slovensky) Malé letné Stredoeurópske fórum

    (Slovensky) Príďte na letný večer do bratislavskej Berlinky na stretnutie s Kaťou Gorčinskou a Jurajom Kušnierikom.

  • Belarus Free Theatre

    Central European Forum presents the first performance of the banned Belarus Free Theatre in Bratislava.

  • Registration

    Participation is free but to make sure you get a seat please register in advance if you are planning to attend.

  • Central European Forum 2014 Programme

    Come and join our discussions at 2014 Central European Forum, at Štúdio L + S.

  • Us and Them

    Come to Studio L+S, Bratislava, and commemorate 25 years of freedom with us at Central European Forum.

  • Invitation to Central European Forum

    Please come and join us from 15 to 17 November at the L+S Studio and take part in a series of discussion on “Us and Them” with Oksana Zabuzhko, Gilles Lipovetsky, Bernard Harcourt, Jacek Dehnel, Haris Pašović, Ivan Krastev, Ingo Schulze, Fatos Lubonja and many others. We look forward to seeing you there.