• Do not overlook!

    Video recordings from all Central European Forum 2013 discussion panels are available here.

  • Panel 5: Why is Europe still alive?

    Chris Keulemans quizzed Karel Schwarzenberg (Czech Republic), Olga Tokarczuk (Poland), Timothy Snyder (USA), Leonidas Donskis (Lithuania) and Pascal Bruckner (France) about what the European project means to them and what keeps it alive.

  • Panel: 4: Save the citizen!

    Lucinda Creighton (Ireland), Aleš Debeljak (Slovenia), Ivan Krastev (Bulgaria) and Justin Wedes (USA) joined Martin Bútora (Slovakia) in a debate on the role of citizens in the world today.

  • Panel 3: Bloodlands

    Martin M. Šimečka (Slovakia) introduced Timothy Snyder (USA) and his bestselling book Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin.

  • Panel 2: Don’t act, think!

    Egon Gál (Slovakia), Kamil Fila (Czech Republic) and Michal Havran (Slovakia) critically examined Slavoj Žižek’s film and revealed the ideological temptations all around us.

  • Panel 1: Citizen amnesia

    Slavenka Drakulić (Croatia), Marci Shore (USA), Rudolf Chmel (Slovakia), Péter Esterházy (Hungary) and Jacek Żakowski (Poland) discussed whether the absence of a legacy of citizen-inspired change could be hampering the creation of genuine civic space in Central and Eastern Europe.