What Would You Give Your Life For?


by Haris Pašović)(EastWest Center Sarajevo

Bratislava)(Old Market Hall)(13. november 2016)(19.00 h

Foto: East West Center Sarajevo

Photo: EastWest Center Sarajevo


What Would You Give Your Life For?

A collaboration between the East West Center Sarajevo, Theatre Promena Novi Sad, Bosnian National Theatre Zenica and Ujvidéki Szhínház Novi Sad, and students of  študenti Cultural Center Novi Sad 2016

120 minutes

Written and directed by: Haris Pašović

Performed by: Katarina Bradonjić, Amar Čustović, Lana Delić, Fedor Đorović, Sanela Krsmanović-Bistrivoda, Miloš Lazić, Peđa Marjanović, Mina Pavica, Dražen Pavlović, Gabor Pongo, Mia Simonović, Ema Stojanović, Marko Vasiljević, Dušan Vukašinović, Nikola Živanović

Sets: Lada Maglajlić and Vedad Orahovac

Costumes: Irma Saje

Choreography: Thomas Steyaert

Music: Rastko Ilić

The idea for this performance started during the master classes in subject Acting at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad, a few months ago when I was working with drama students in the class of professor Boris Isakovic. We worked on theatrical portraits of several people who gave their lives for their ideas. I asked the actors: “What would you give your life for? “When we exclude the family, which most people would sacrificed their lives for, the question remains whether there is an idea or project for which we would have given our lives for? So began this extremely exciting process in which we considered destiny, ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and parallel – New forms of theater. The Time of Universal Communication in which we live, changes paradigm of communication. Who are the identities that are communicating in the virtual space? Real people? Individually created identities? Group with a unique “access” in a form of one identity? Automated identity? Modern Communication includes all these forms of identity in the virtual space. Storytellers in our present are behind the IP address; less important who they are and where they are, of what they are saying; their identity communicates in a virtual intellectual space / time.Each identity has access to the whole story, follows it and formulates by its own contribution. Maybe this sounds to moment complicated, but it really is not. It’s just the contemporary discourse that goes beyond the traditional dramaturgical form as they are insufficient for a new paradigm in which we live. The actor and director in the new paradigm change; speed is different; attention is different; connecting is different than before. And the viewer is changing. Spectators in our show has more private space – he or she freely choose where to sit; What, when and how to watch and listen. The viewer is in the present, not outside of it. However, the viewer is protected and his or her personal space is not damaged. We are creating a new concept of the participation of the viewer in the show. Theatre that we create is intellectual theater, but it is not alienated from the viewer who has no higher education or has no wealth of information. Our theater is available to each viewer; ideas belong to everyone. Our theater is based on facts, but not documentary. The theater of reality. Life and art are united in creative testimony that is urgent.


HARIS PAŠOVIĆ)(is a Bosnian theatre and film director based in Sarajevo. Over the course of his wide-ranging career, he has also worked as a playwright, producer, choreographer, performer, designer and documentary filmmaker. The recipient of numerous awards, he has participated in many festivals worldwide. He is the artistic director of the East West Theatre Company in Sarajevo, which he founded in 2005, and a co-founder of the Directing Department of the Academy of Performing Arts. He directed some of the most acclaimed productions at key theatres across the former Yugoslavia. During the siege of Sarajevo Pašović continued directing and producing plays, including “Waiting for Godot”, directed by Susan Sontag. In 1993 he organized the first Sarajevo Film Festival “Beyond the End of the World”. After the war, Pašović directed “Romeo and Juliet” in front of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. In 2012 Haris Pašović was the main initiator, as well as author and director of a large-scale event called Sarajevo Red Line, which commemorated the siege of Sarajevo.  His latest play, What Would You Give Your Life For, opened in Sarajevo in September 2016.